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Helen from Boston writes:  "We adore our Havanese! He is spirited, friendly, loyal, and smart, and he loves his humans as much as we love him. We have six grandchildren, some timid, some bold, and our puppy delights in all of them, barking at the stairwell when he knows they are coming downstairs. He lets them crawl all over him, and yet we see them learning from him how valuable a little life is. This breed is balanced and sweet, not choosing favorites and earning every ounce of attention he can with his adorable antics. We would choose him over and over again....delightful! Every word true! We have a friend for life. " Another family in Boston writes: "We just wanted to let you know that [our puppy] Chase is doing great! He is adjusting to his new life with us very well. He loves his crate and goes in it all by himself around 9 everynite and sleeps all night. We are still working on his potty training. He cries a little if he has to go out, but sometimes he only gives us a few seconds notice so we don't quite make it outside. He is an absolute joy to have around and makes us laugh all the time. He just had a bath and now he is running around the house trying to dry off... he's a riot!! Everyone that sees him falls in love with him. We will send you a pic of him this weekend. We will keep in touch and update you once in a while. Take care and thanks again.... Glenn and Gail" Patty in Providence, Rhode Island writes: "I wanted to let you know Shadow is doing great! In fact, he had the easiest transition into the family. He sleeps through the night and is almost completely house trained. Well, there have been one or two accidents, but he is so good! He loves our other dog and they play all the time. He follows either me or Suzy around all day and is just a very sweet dog! You do a great job raising them. Thank you! "
Gavin and Shaemus
 NEWS (December 29, 2017):  Please call to inquire about a litter that arrived on December 23!Call Jill at 315-480-1898
Jill Rotella in Syracuse, New York
East Coast Havanese Puppies is located in Central New York State, Onondaga County, in the Syracuse area.

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