“...so much fun.”  Michelle writes:  I just wanted to thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy. Its only been one day but Fenway is settling in so nicely and is such a wonderful addition to our family. He has such a sweet disposition and temperment and is so much fun. He also slept all night with no problems at all. We couldn't be happier and our four year old is over the moon. Thank you so much.
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Kathy writes: I adopted one of Jill's puppies. I had always had golden retrievers, and needed to down size. So this was my first small dog. While my golden retriever (Skye) was dying, she stayed by the golden's side. She went in the dog house with Skye, slept next to her in her bed, and when Skye couldn't get out of the car, I found Speck in the car with her.....
She is the best dog I have ever had. She is very easy to train. We went through obedience level I and II, and agility classes. We are still learning tricks, because she loves "school". She has now passed her Pet Therapy class, and loves making visits to nursing homes and schools. (a therapy dog provides emotional support to people in need, and has to be calm and obedient around walkers, wheelchairs and crutches). Because her fur is so soft and silky, people love to pet her, and she of course, loves to be pet. Then she will lick the child's ear- that seems to be her favorite spot. Her licks are dry, though, not sloppy like some dogs.   She is very much a companion dog- wants to be where ever I am, and has little barks and whines to let me know what she wants ( just like a baby, I learned what each of her noises meant). I did crate her for the first 6 months, till she was house broken for sure, and I knew she would only chew on her toys while I was at work. Now she sleeps on my bed at night, just close enough for warmth now that the evenings are cool. She is very playful, rides well in the car, and loves to go for walks. I just took her on a 3 mile walk through a Minnesota state park to view the leaves, and she did great. The personality of these dogs is amazing. They are cute, playful, and people love to pet them.Oh, she also likes to lay next to my 2 month old grandson when he is on the floor kicking around, and makes sure he is ok, and keeps the other larger dogs away so they don't step on him. This is probably more than you want to know, but, once I got started, I didn't know where to stop. I think Jill has great dogs, so I would buy another if I still lived close enough! (from KT)
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Jill Rotella in Syracuse, New York