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What does the AKC say about

the Havanese breed?

The National Dog of Cuba

The National Dog of Cuba and the country’s only native breed, the Havanese is a small, sturdy dog with a friendly disposition. His wavy, silky coat is profuse, but remains extremely light, insulating and protecting the breed against harsh tropical heat. His coat, which comes in all colors, should remain untrimmed. The Havanese’s popularity in the show ring has grown quickly, and they are also now high in demand as a family pet.

Watchdog. Playmate. Herder.

An old breed, the Havanese is a descendent of breeds brought to Cuba from Spain and could also be related to the Tenerife, an ancestor of the entire Bichon family. Once known as the Havana Silk Dog and the Spanish Silk Poodle, the Havanese evolved from its role as a pampered lap-dog of the aristocracy into a family companion responsible for being a watchdog, child’s playmate and herder of the family’s poultry flock.

Is the Havanese the right breed for you?

The Havanese is trainable and intelligent and possesses a naturally affectionate temperament, which making the breed an ideal family pet. Although a toy dog, they remain energetic and require some form of daily exercise. The breed’s non-shedding coat makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, but regular grooming is necessary to keep the coat in top condition. The American Kennel Club offers this helpful guide on how to research the right breed for your lifestyle. Read the entire Havanese information page at the AKC site.

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“ ..we couldn’t imagine our lives without him” Hi Jill, I just wanted to let you know how Shaemus is currently doing. He has become quite comfortable in his new home. Julia & Gavin can't seem to get enough of him, so they keep him pretty active. Needless to say, he sleeps well through the night. We've been working on his potty training and he has been doing pretty good. We realize it takes a lot of time and patience, but I think he's slowly getting the hang of it. He's been getting used to his daily routine that he'll be a pro in no time. My office is in love with Shaemus! Everyone really enjoys his company and he's warmed up to everyone. He's been getting used to hanging out there and now walks in there like he's been going there for years! Thank you again for all you have done and we are so happy with our new baby. He has touched our lives and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Regina  
Jill Rotella in Syracuse, New York